Dressage Camp Karin Irland

Oktober 17-18 and 19 I was a theorie participant at the first Dressage Camp by Karin Irland. (Centered Riding instructor from the US)
Ylvie Fros did a great job organizing this clinic and it was very near where I live, in Lunteren.

Karin got deeper into the Classical Seat, which applies to all disciplines.
The participants originated from different disciplines and rode in different levels, which made this clinic very interesting from an instructors point of view.
Karin is a funny person, very friendly and positive but also a very good instructor. Where some clinics can be an emotional roller coaster, these three days with Karin turned out to be very enjoyable being amongst like-minded horsy people.

We were extremely Lucky to have Tom Nagel (The riders seat, Zen and the horse) as a theory participant so we could benefit from body work sessions and his specialism on the subject of the Psoas muscle.