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Training Franka

On Franka’s eight birthday she managed her first QI through the corner. She’s such a clever girl! Check out her progress:  

Riding Franka part 2

Franka is a mare of five years old and I think she is both fysicly and mentally mature enough to start riding. We’re currently changing between workin with and without a longeur. Franka is beginning to understand what is asked of her, I can already steer with my outside rein! When in doubt she’ll stand, […]

First ride on Franka without longe!

Today we had a scoop: my first ride on Franka without longeur! Short walks, lots of praise and reward. Franka is five years old now and is starting to mature both mentally and physical. With the nice weather the past week her summer eczema has come back sadly, hence the fuzzy tail!