Journey to Sweden – Christofer and Rebecca Dahlgren

In April I traveled with Ylvie Fros and two of her horses to Sweden, for lessons with Christofer and Rebecca Dahlgren!
As a groom I had the wonderfull opportunity to watch all lessons Ylvie had with this exeptional couple.
While Christofer is a night in the Academic Art of Riding, Rebecca has developed her training in to freedom work in a nice, respectfull way.
It was very inspiring to see the lessons, but mostly to watch Rebecca and Christofer train their own horses.

The basic in all their work is relaxation. Thats where it begins and ends and after every touch exercise the horse is asked for relaxation again. This results in enthousiastic, supple horses.
The location they work in is very beautiful and after the lessons and training we were able to enjoy several hacks in the Woods.
For me the cherry on the cake was a lesson from Christofer on one of Ylvies horses (Fitzer)

After our week in Sweden we drove to Denmark. Ylvie stayed a week at Bent Branderup. It was great to meet Bent horses and see Lindegard ‘for real’ before I flew home, very much inspired by the experiences!