Straightening Training

Work in hand

Straightening bending work will mostly be tought in hand first. Then the same excercises are trained riding. The advantage of this is that the horse first learns how to carry itsself in the excercises and develops the nescesary muscles without having to compensate for the weight of the rider.

All work in hand starts basically with a correct LFS. LFS is for Lateral bending, Forward down and Stepping under.
As a tool we use a Caveçon, a clip-on rein or a short longeline and a dressage whip. By gently tapping or pointing at the inside hindleg we ask the horse to step undeer towards the point of weight (POW) in a forward movement (not fast forward, but stepping forward). In this excercise it’s important that the upperline of the horse is relaxed and long and that the horse is bended equally trough the full length of the body. LFS can be seen as the basic for all other straightening excercises. So for instance after collection you should be able to bring your horse forward down again without ‘falling apart’

When LFS is well determined we’ll start longeing and teaching sidemovements like shoulder in, travers and renvers both by the wall as in circles, pirouettes, piaffe, canter, passage, schoolhalt, canterchanges, levade and for people and horses with enormous potential…the high school jumps!