Intrinzen Inspired training

Intrinzen Inspired training

A few years ago I came into contact with Intrinzen through social media. The photos and videos radiated so much power and joy that I wanted to know more!

As soon as Project Proprius came out, I joined the online community and was allowed to pioneer Steinar’s online coaching program.

The first years I did this pretty much in addition and it greatly benefited my training in the Academic Art of Riding. There came a moment when I had to admit to myself that things were no longer compatible for me and about three years ago I went ‘All in’ and I never looked back!

My horses have 100% autonomy in our game and now all say YES with conviction when I invite them to a session, both from the ground and riding.

Early October 2019, Steinar Sigurbjornsson – with Kathy Sierra the founder of Intrinzen – came to Arnhem for a clinic. I organized this together with Selma Klein and Gwendolijn Schropp. September 2020 he was back at the invitation of Selma and me and we received plenty of confirmation that we are on the right track!

I now coach, with Steinar’s permission, people who want to learn more about this amazing movement. I deliberately do not call it teaching, because the process is so personal and will be completed by each rider himself. Intrinzen is therefore not a method that you can be taught, it is a philosophy in which you and your horse can develop into handy, athletic and self-consciously cooperating creatures. Autonomy is the keyword here. A clicker, a bag of candies and some attributes (pool noodle, mat, pallet for example) replace the whip and spurs and at all times the horse must be allowed to say ‘no thank you’. With these conditions horses will say YES PLEASE !!!