Straightening Training

Straightening Training

Straightening Training is derived from the principles of the Academical Art of Riding.

It derives from the classic principal described by Gustav Steinbrecht: “Ride your horse forward and straight ”

It assumes that a straight horse with a carrying hindquater and understepping hindleg enables it to carry the rider in balance.  Basics are the stretching, bending and increasing suppleness to both sides in the forward down, forward forward and forward up put positions. Exercises like shoulder in, travers and renvers help train the carrying abillities of the hindlegs.
With Straightness Training it’s not about the exercises, it’s what the excersice is for!
Straightness Training starts from work in hand to teach the horse to carry itself in a way it becomes capable of carrying a rider.

In december 2010 I finished the scooling for Staightness Training instructor at Marijke de Jong’s.
On the subject of Academic Art of Riding I’ve schooled through lessons with Angela Remy (Avalons ruiterbegeleiding), a knight in the Academical Art of Riding and masterclasses with Marlous Eertink and Sonja Braafhart. I’m a frequent visitor of Bent Branderup clinics and participated in clinics with Hannah Engstrom and ride regularly for Bent Branderup and Christofer Dahlgren.

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