Clinic Kathleen Lindley Beckham

This autumn weather is perfect to reflect on last weekend in Scotland which was an interesting and inspiring clinic weekend with Kathleen Lindley Beckham. It was great to see so many familiar faces and get to know some lovely new people. The whole thing was far out of my comfort zone but with Kathleen’s calm […]

Met dankbaarheid en liefde hebben we vandaag afscheid genomen van onze geliefde Irma

Dissection of a horse

Last weekend I was allowed to participate in the dissection of a horse with the fitting name: from Looking to Seeying and Feeling under the inspiring guidence of Osteopath and humain Fysiotherapist Ruth Brouwer. I understand to a much deeper level the how and why of healthy movement paterns and finally got an answer to […]

Clinic Bent Branderup about groundwork Januari 2017

We had a lovely weekend with Bent Branderup, showing our homework and recieving new! Getting better at bending in the haunches helps him lift in the canter Here’s a little clip from one of our lessons with a great bit about teaching! and a blooper at the end where Jamie spooks from something near the door […]

Clinic Christofer and Rebecca Dahlgren December 2016

The pictures say it all… Jameson was fabulous and we got the comformation we are on the right path in our training. We had a blast!