First Straightness Training clinic in Ireland!

In the weekend of May 11th and 12th I had the privilege to give the first Straightness Training clinic in Ireland!
A very motivated group of people and wonderful horses made this weekend very special.

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Most practicant participents and many of the theorie participents have a Parelli background who wish to complement their training with Straightness Training.
Saturay morning we started with the theorie of Straightness Training, by explaining the different crookednesses, the workings of the Caveçon and the how and why of the basic excersices. After that al riders did the work in hand. For most riders this was their first lesson in ST but everyone was quick to learn.
After the lunch break I gave a theorie lesson about the riding, emphasising on the posture and seat of the rider before starting our second round of lessons.
Almost everyone got on to bring the theorie in practice and to integrate ST in their riding.
So great to see that although the lessons where hard to follow from the side due to the absence of a soundsysthem, the theory participants still whatched all the lessons!
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On Sunday we started with theory about the basic excersices of the side movements (LFS, shoulder in, quarters in and quarters out), both in hand as in the saddle. after that we did two rounds of lessons again to recapture the lessons from saturday, to finetune and to inventore homework.
It was a lovely experience to be able to work with such a motivated and interested group of people, I’m curious to see how everyone got on when I get back in August!
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