Centered Riding update with Karin Irland

May 16th until May 19th I had a four days Centered Riding update with Karin Irland.
A nice bonus was that Tom Nagel (the rider’s seat) came along because he and Karin had a ‘Riders seat’ clinic after the update.
He let everyone experience what it feels like to have your pelvis set optimal to be able to engage your psoas muscle (see Psoas muscle in sidebar under Centered Riding). Good to get that feeling againg!
Karin is an amazing woman and a very skilled instructor. She managed to help all instructors with their seat and was able to set such a safe atmosphere that gave everyone the opportunity to learn optimal.
The student riders were nice to work with and all made great progress in the four days.
A few weeks later I recieved a recommondation for my Level 2, great!