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Clinic Bent Branderup about groundwork Januari 2017

We had a lovely weekend with Bent Branderup, showing our homework and recieving new! Getting better at bending in the haunches helps him lift in the canter Here’s a little clip from one of our lessons with a great bit about teaching! and a blooper at the end where Jamie spooks from something near the door […]

Clinic Christofer and Rebecca Dahlgren December 2016

The pictures say it all… Jameson was fabulous and we got the comformation we are on the right path in our training. We had a blast!

Practice homework

Our current training goals are: – lightness – softness in the aids – suppleness and lightness in changes – suppleness and lightness in transitions. Part of the homework from Christofer Dahlgren is transitions into walking backwards in lightness in preparation for the halt from the haunches (transition from movement into schoolhalt). A little out of […]

Training Franka

On Franka’s eight birthday she managed her first QI through the corner. She’s such a clever girl! Check out her progress:  

Lessons Angela Remie august 6th

Dinsdag 6 augustus was Angela Remie, ridder in de Academische Rijkunst, in Ede voor een lesdag. Er waren 8 combinaties, waaronder ik met Mr. Jameson. Mijn les stond in het teken van het laten zien van mijn huiswerk, waaronder het lichter maken van mijn hulpen. Het oefenen heeft zijn vruchten afgeworpen en we hebben deze […]