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Clinic Ireland October 2014

Mid October I visited Brian Byrne at Four Oaks in county Meath, Ireland to give a clinic about Straightening Training. Brian is a great horsemanship trainer and most of the other participants were his students. The riders caught on quickly and the horses were fantastic! I’ll return in Januari to see how everyone has progressed. […]

Lessons Angela Remie august 6th

Dinsdag 6 augustus was Angela Remie, ridder in de Academische Rijkunst, in Ede voor een lesdag. Er waren 8 combinaties, waaronder ik met Mr. Jameson. Mijn les stond in het teken van het laten zien van mijn huiswerk, waaronder het lichter maken van mijn hulpen. Het oefenen heeft zijn vruchten afgeworpen en we hebben deze […]

Clinic Christofer Dahlgren

On February 9th and 10th I had the opportunity to participate in the first Christofer Dahlgren clinic in the Netherlands. I’ve seen lots of video’s of his work and like the suppleness of his horses, the airiness of his aids and especially his longework. It was a very inspirational weekend with lots of new insights […]

Clinic Bent Branderup

Januari 26st and 27th Bent Branderup, grandmaster in the Academic Art of Riding, came to The Netherlands in Lunteren! A wonderful clinic organised by Ylvie Fros with as always many inspiring theory and practice. The schoolhalt is high on Bent’s agenda and his squiers and knights are working hard at it. Jossy Reynvoet gave some […]


Two weeks ago I attended a weekend clinic from Bent Branderup, Grandmaster in the Academic Art of Riding, and next weekend Jameson and I will be present at a clinic by Christofer Dahlgren!