Body by Tom

In Straightness Training we work at reducing the crookedness in the horse, In Centered Riding at the posture and seat of the rider.
If you like to get ahead a little quicker, it’s a good idea to try body work!
Oktober 21st I had a body work session with Tom Nagel. Since that session I know what it feels like to be totally straight in my body, it feels amazing!
Now I have what Karin Irland (Centered Riding instructor) calls a ‘body by Tom’.
Sitting upright is no effort anymore. Where I used to move my weight from one leg to the other when standing for a longer period of time, now I’m standing relaxed, with equal pressure in both feet. Changing the lead from my centre and ribcage is no trouble at all now.

Next June is my next appointment, I wonder if I’ll get even more straight than I am now.
You can teach your horse to cary you well. As long as you ride with your head tilted to the side and your back hollow while staring at your horses manes or the ground, your making it unnescesarilly hard for your horse. Straightening yourself is so improtant! And just as fair to your horse…